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Project Title: Network for Strengthening and Improving the Implementation of the IPPC European Directives on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in the Mediterranean

Project Status: Completed

Project type: international

Duration of the project: May 1, 2009 - September 30, 2011

Funding: The project is partly funded by ERDF funds - the European Regional Development Fund through the Mediterranean program. The Mediterranean program is being advertised in the framework of the European Objective III - Territorial Cooperation.



  • Andalusian Institute of Technology (Spain) - Leading Partner
  • SRC Bistra Ptuj
  • ARPA Sicily environment Protection regional agency (Italy)
  • Eurobic Toscana Sud (Italy)
  • Regional governmnt for environment, Andalusia (Spain)
  • Environment, Water, Town Planning and Housing Department of Valencian government (Spain)
  • Environmental center of Kozani (Greece)
  • S. Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy)
  • ARPA Piemonte (Italy)



Project goals:

  • To create a network of key actors in the implementation of the European IPPC Directive, which covers the area of ​​integrated pollution prevention and control in the Mediterranean region.
  • Develop and evaluate a common methodology that will take into account lessons learned from the implementation of the European IPPC Directive in each target region.
  • Support and promote the implementation of the European IPPC Directive.
  • Helping and directing companies to obtain IPPC permits.



Meaning for the local environment: Creating a software application as an aid in the IPPC authorization acquisition stage and its validation at Sp. Podravje, which are IPPC taxpayers.

Results of the project:

  • Creation of the website of the project.
  • Regional analysis of pollution prevention procedures and monitoring the implementation of the directives (96/61 / CE and 2008/1 / CE) in the four industrial sectors in the Mediterranean area.
  • 1 interregional report on the analysis of procedures and levels of implementation in the integrated prevention and control of the directives (96/61 / CE and 2008/1 / CE) in the Mediterranean area.
  • 8 regional and one European round table with policy makers and technical experts.
  • Creating a common methodology for the implementation of the IPPC Directive.
  • A software application for the implementation of a common methodology (Pilot Version) for implementing the IPPC Directive (96/61 / CE and 2008/1 / CE).



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