SRC Bistra Ptuj has been developing entrepreneurship skills among young people, among elementary school and high school students in Ptuj and the surrounding area for years. This year, too, we brainstormed young entrepreneurial minds at the Ptuj School Center, Ptuj Gymnasium, Olga Meglič Primary School, Podlehnik Primary School, Videm Primary School and Ormož Primary School. In total, we involved over 200 young people in the activities. As mentors, in addition to many dedicated teachers, we had dr. Lidija Tušek, Robert Novak, Tjaša Glažar and mag. Mirjana Nenad from SRC Bistra Ptuj.

We talked about entrepreneurs, companies, innovation, and creativity and exchanged views on perceived challenges in our vicinity. We also tested our knowledge about entrepreneurship through the game Business Activity. 



Getting to know the concepts of entrepreneurship through the game Business Activity: pantomime, drawing or spoken description.


As a group, we searched for an answer to the question: "What should our company do?" and selected the best proposals.


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What should our company do?


We used the best ideas to prepare business models, which show how the company does business; what it offers, who and how is approached, where it sells its products/services, what it needs and what it does, with whom it connects. When it comes to business models, it is important that the projected revenues exceed the costs and thus the company generates a profit, as this is the only way it can survive in the long term. The debates in the teams were lively and sometimes even heated.



How we are going to do business?


We concluded the activities by preparing short, 5-minute presentations, which are more often known as "pitch". Individual business teams competed against each other in the competition.



We selected the best teams that most convinced the expert committee and the audience.


After all the acquired knowledge, experience and developed skills, we move on! Entrepreneurial challenge for youth 2023, Popri, 2023 here we come! We'll see you again next year at the entrepreneurial workshops!



We haven't said the last word yet!


The implementation of entrepreneurial activities for primary and secondary school students is financed by SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency with the financial support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.