In accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Coherent Regional Development and on the basis of the Decision on the Establishment of the Development Spodnje Podravje Region, adopted by the mayors of the municipalities of  Spodnje Podravje on 01.02.2006, the mayors of the municipalities of Spodnje Podravje signed a contract on May 30, 2006 on the establishment of the Regional Development Partnership of Spodnje Podravje.

By signing the contract, the Regional Development Partnership of Spodnje Podravje was established as a form of interest-based integration and the involvement of municipalities and other entities relevant to development planning in the area of ​​connected municipalities.

By establishing a regional development partnership, the Parties wish to achieve the following objectives:

  • to preserve and further develop the area of ​​"Spodnje Podravje" as a functionally completed area based on the territorial, economic, political, cultural and historical connection of the population;
  • establish an appropriate support environment for faster and coordinated resolution of development and other problems that are common in the "Spodnje Podravje" area;
  • identify, within the framework of public-private partnerships and interest-based partnerships, the development priorities of the area, the bearers and the way of carrying out joint projects;
  • to develop a regional development program in the "Spodnje Podravje" area in due time;
  • achieve faster and equal treatment in defining development priorities and integrating project proposals into the regional development program of the region;
  • increase the willingness of local stakeholders in the area of ​​joint cooperation and organisational integration.