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The necessary documents to be prepare:

  • identity document
  • tax number      
  • Slovenian tax number for foreign nationals and companies

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At SPOT, we apply for admission (registration) for you. Before visiting SPOT points, consider the following:

  • What will be your long and short name? .. The two names must contain the first and last name of the bearer and the mark s.p. (eg Janez Novak s.p.). The short name can also contain a fantasy name, and for a long  name, the main activity.
  • You can check the availability of a fantasy name on the AJPES website. The fantasy name must not contain foreign (English, Latin) words and foreign letters. The use of the name Slovenia is limited.
  • You will also need to select your activities. No need to know the activity codes according to the SKD. It's enough if you just explain what you are dealing with.
  • Other information, such as: address, agents, potential affiliates.
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AJPES sends you a decision to enter the business register

  • You will receive the certificate the day after the admission date.
  • You need a certificate of admitting a sole proprietor in a business register to open a business account in a bank.
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Opening a business bank account

  • By entering into the business register, you register with the selected business bank and open a business account.


You became an entrepreneur!

Successful business!