The signatories of the Treaty establishing the Regional Development Partnership of Spodnje Podravje have established the Regional Development Council (hereinafter: the RDC) as a coordinating body for monitoring, coordinating and deciding on the activities in the contract.

  • The RDC (Regional Development Council) consists of mayors of 16 municipalities from the "Spodnje Podravje" area.
  • The RDC mandate is linked to the preparation and implementation of the Regional Development Program for each programming period.

Tasks of the Regional Development Council of Spodnje Podravje:

  • taking all decisions related to the operation of the regional partnership for the "Spodnje Podravje";
  • making decisions in the process of preparing, validating, coordinating and implementing the regional development program and its programming work;
  • participation in the preparation and adoption of the regional development program for the Podravje region;
  • adopting the rules of its operation;
  • addressing other issues of development significance.

Organisational and administrative tasks for the needs of the Regional Development Council of Spodnje Podravje and its bodies are usually performed by the administration of the presiding municipality, unless otherwise specified by the RDC. Expert tasks related to the preparation and implementation of regional development programs are carried out by SRC BISTRA Ptuj.