General about taxes

DURS tax manual for beginner entrepreneurs (source: DURS)

Briefly on some changes in taxes in the new year (source: DATA)

Tax News 2013 for tax losses, services and donations transferred (source: SPIRIT Slovenija)

Deferral of tax liabilities for business entities (source: DATA)



Is the company liable for VAT? (source: Inetis)



Profit distribution in D.O.O. by new (source: DATA)



Received cash payment (source: DATA)


Payment discipline

Schedule of Multilateral Offsetting (source: AJPES)

DURS announces its debtors (source: DATA)



What costs can the company claim (source: DATA)

Tax treatment of received subsidies for self-employment (source: DATA)

How to finance your ideas? (source: DATA)

Does an entrepreneur pay more for an official or private car? (source: DATA)

How to correctly complete a travel order? (source: DATA)


Taxation of sole proprietors

Taxation in 2016 (source ZEUS)

Taxation and the example for 2015 - Income Tax Scale 2015 (source ZEUS)

Taxation of sole proprietors by new (source: DATA)

Taxation based on a standardized income (source: DATA)

What does the new income tax scale bring us? (source: DATA)


Contributions from self-employed

Social security contributions for s.p.

Contributions for s.p. (source ZEUS)

Higher contributions for self-employed and s.p. (source: DATA)

Lump sum contributions for afternoon s.p. in 2016 (source. RAČUNOVODJA.COM)

Flat-rate contributions for taxable persons carrying on business as an adjacent profession - explanations (source: DURS)

Social security contributions for self-employed - explanations (source: DURS)

Amounts of social security contributions for self-employed persons (source: DURS)

When are you entitled to a partial exemption from paying a PIZ contribution?

After 1.7.2013, you can be partially exempted from paying social contributions  (source: DATA)

Can a sole proprietor "reduce" himself the basis for his contributions? (source: DATA)

New Pension and Disability Insurance Act (ZPIZ-2) (source: DATA)

What new pension legislation brings (source: DATA)


Standardized expenditure / "standardized" s. p.

Afternoon s. p., s. p. with standardized expenses or both?

Differences between regular and standardized s.p. (source: MLADI PODJETNIK)

Who pays to be a standardized person? (source: DATA)



Taxation of a subsidy for self-employment Part 1 (source: DATA)

Taxation of a self-employment subsidy Part 2 (source: DATA)


Afternoon s. p.

Afternoon s. p., s. p. with standardized expenses or both?

The difference between full and afternoon s.p. (source: DATA)


Students and retired persons, etc.

Student and registration s.p. (source: DATA)

Retired sole proprietors (source: DATA)



Interest on loans to owners / owners and other related parties (source: DATA)

Interest rates on interest on loans between related parties based on the policy on the recognized interest rate (source: DURS)


Safe working environment

Temperature in work spaces (source: DATA)

Mobing in the Workplace (source: Mladi podjetnik)


Regulated activities, permits and conditions for performing certain activities

What do you need to know about your business?

What are the special conditions for the activity I want to do?  (source: E-VEM)


Craft licenses

Changes in craft permits (source: DATA)

Changes in the company registration process (source: DATA)


Real estate, business premises

Lease of property - do not forget about January 15 (source: DATA)

In which cases you need a statement from the owner of the facility where you will register your business address (source: DATA)

How to legally rent an apartment to tourists? (source: Dom za mlade in AJPES)


Marketing and sales

How to start advertising on Facebook?(source: DATA)

10 media trends in 2013(source: MM)

5 tips for designing email marketing (source: Indesign)

How to attract visitors to the website and turn them into customers? (source: Indesign)

A distorted picture of online advertising in Slovenia or why there is no space for small ones!  (source: Indesign)

8 solutions that you need to take into account when doing business through a website  (source: Indesign)

Strategy for creating a small business website  (source: Indesign)

How to present a business? (source: Marketing zmagovalcev)

Speak the customer's language?  (source:Marketing zmagovalcev)

Why does quality not sell? (source:Marketing zmagovalcev)

"I do not have money for marketing!"  (source:Marketing zmagovalcev)

How to reach customers - in a few steps?  (source:Marketing zmagovalcev)

Which company trusts customers?  (source:Marketing zmagovalcev)

Mandatory information on the website or in the store (source: Mladi podjetnik)

How to Start an Internet Business? (source: The Independent)

The five paths leading to earnings online (source: The Independent)

Why do business ideas fail? (source: Mladi podjetnik)

7 tips for a better online appearance (source: DATA)

What should be the right marketing message?  (source: DATA)


Logo and company name

Logos and the Psychology of Color (Logos and the Psychology of Colour) (source: Business 2 Community)

Company name and logo (source: Mladi podjetnik)



Employment through recruitment agencies (source: DATA)

Employment of a new worker: what the employer must do (source: DATA)

What is not work or illegal employment?

Can a student ask for lunch and transport?