SRC Bistra Ptuj is engaged in the promotion of entrepreneurship in Spodnje Podravje

The mission of SRC Bistra Ptuj involves supporting activities for the development of the Spodnje Podravje region.

Companies in the region are encouraged from foundation to maturity. With us, it is possible to establish a company at SPOT (Slovenska poslovna točka), and this service is free for residents as it is carried out within the SPIRIT Slovenia program.

We help new and existing entrepreneurs in the preparation of business plans, patenting and branding, in obtaining funds for research, growth and development, and working together to solve technological problems.

Together with the industry and institutions of knowledge, postgraduate doctoral students are trained to solve specific problems. As mentors, we prepare them for independent development work in companies.

Who should I contact for more information:

Brigita Drevenšek: Phone: +386 2 748 02 66, e-mail:


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