Project office promotes both local and regional development with its active gaining and implementing of projects in all areas of operation. It represents a link of the entire organizational form of ZRS Bistra Ptuj in all areas of its operation, preparation and implementation of projects. The vision of the project office is aimed at supporting subjects in the region and beyond with the following activities that are carried out:


  • Promoting regional and interregional development, cooperation and establishing development networks of partners;
  • Searching for appropriate financial incentives for different subjects in the region and beyond;
  • Preparation of project proposals, co-financed from national and European sources;
  • Implementing own projects and those of clients (coordination, management, administrative and financial support…);
  • Consulting and mentoring in preparing project proposals;
  • Developing methods and standards in project implementation;
  • Promoting activities of ZRS Bistra Ptuj, local and regional environment;
  • Organising and performing events (seminars, workshops, trainings, press conferences…)