Results of our research have replaced the curvature of space with the relative energy density of space. This model describes the transformation of matter back into elementary particles in the center of black holes that are rejuvenating systems of the universe. The universe is eternal and uncreated. Big Bang Theory belongs to the history of science.

Members of the research group: Štefan Čelan Ph.D., Amrit Srečko Šorli BS., Niko Gorjup MS., Davide Fiscaletti MS. Saeid Jafari Ph.D., Aram Bahroz Brzo MS.

On BISTRA'S INITIATIVE are published the following articles:

pdfPhysical Aspects of Penrose’s Black Holes Singularities639.23 KB 2022

pdfEternal universe in dynamic equilibrium251.9 KB 2022

pdfPhysical Origin of the Relative Rate of Clocks in GPS and Errors of Relative Motion Concept485.04 KB 2022

pdfSuperfluid Quantum Space, Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence, and Bohr’s Complementary Principle615.8 KB 2022

pdfTime as the result of the observer’s measurement87.49 KB 2022

pdfTime, observer, and consciousness134 KB 2022

pdfTemporal and timeless cognition in physics126.11 KB 2022

pdfInconsistency of time-symmetry model66.89 KB 2021

pdfMass gap problem and Planck constant122.06 KB 2021

pdfAdvances of Relativity Theory466.45 KB 2021

pdfEinstein’s Misunderstanding of Time in the Time-Invariant Universe326.44 KB 2021

pdfSchwarzschild Energy Density of Superfluid Quantum Space and Mechanism of AGNs’ Jets678 KB2021

pdfTime-Invariant Superfluid Quantum Space as the Unified Field Theory240.39 KB 2020

pdfThe End of Space-time787.67 KB 2020


A Three-Dimensional Non-Local Quantum Vacuum as the Origin of Photons (2020)

Quantum Relativity: Variable Energy Density of Quantum Vacuum as the Origin of Mass, Gravity and the Quantum Behaviour (2018)

Searching for an adequate relation between time and entanglement (2017)

About a Three-Dimensional Quantum Vacuum as the Ultimate Origin of Gravity, Electromagnetic Field, Dark Energy … and Quantum Behavior (2016)

Perspectives of the Numerical Order of Material Changes in Timeless Approaches in Physics (2014)

Bijective Epistemology and Space-time (2014)

New insights into Gödel’s universe without time (2013)

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