Mission of SRC Bistra Ptuj

»Creating creative research and development of space between academic and business community«


SRC Bistra Ptuj as a part of the scientific excellence


Knowleage, technological innovations and inventions are the basic source for maintaining, consolidation  and enhancing competitive advantages in the domestic economy. ZRS Bistra Ptuj is intensively involved in scientific research as the first of the stages in the emergence of the  technological change, followed by the development of its research, applied research and commercialisation.

In the scientific research (basic and applied) work, we are focused on the systematic acquisition or creation of a new knowledge, both in disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas, where there is a combination and synergy between science and technology and the social science and the humanities.

Basic research is performed mainly out due to the development of knowledge in collaboration with the University of Maribor, University of Ljubljana, Institute of the Chemistry and Research centre. The results of the basic research are published in scientific journals (www.izum.si) and presented at the conferences.

In applied research we are focused on the specific partical aims and purposes. Through this research we develop and are using new methods to investigate the partical utility. In applied research we collaborate with the academic institutions (University of Maribor, University of Ljubljana, University of Nova Gorica, Institute of Chemistry and Research centre) and knowledge users (industry stockholders).

The knowelage, gained on the basis applied research, often protected by a patent or protected as a trade secret.


SRC Bistra Ptuj as a link between science and economy    

In the SRC Bistra Ptuj, we are aware of how important it is to support research, science and technology for a sustainable economy. Indeed, the success of cooperation on both domestic and international markets is connected with the skill »able to exploit« and it is the most modern scientific knowledge. At this point, ZRS Bistra Ptuj is a successful institution in the last 20 years as a connecting link between science and knowledge users i.e. economy:

integration and transfer of the  knowledge from universities and institutes in the economy, development co-creation of ideas and the transfer of businesses, these research institutions.