Project title: SOLBIOPOLYSY - BIOfuel POLYgeneration System

Project Status: Completed

Project type: international

Project duration: January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2012

Funding: EU - 6th Framework Program


  • GE.IN.CO, d.o.o. - Leading partner,
  • SRC Bistra Ptuj (Slovenia),
  • Shap s.p.a., Solar, heat and power (Italy),
  • Helbio hydrogen and energy production systems s.a. (Greece),
  • Clean city Ptuj, d.o.o. (Slovenia),
  • University Ineti - Deeca (Portugal),
  • University Polytechnic Nova Gorica (Slovenia).


Project goals:

The development of a new technology where solar energy is used to convert landfill gas into biogas, where it is ashbed using a generating generator, which enables the acquisition of energy.

Meaning for the local environment:

Results of the project: