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StudioKroG – Studio of the Circular Economy

The initiative "October - Month of Circular Economy" is gaining momentum and is spreading internationally to raise awareness and inform the public to better understand how the circular economy works, with the aim of protecting natural resources, reducing the use of virgin materials, and reducing GHG emissions.

Slovenia has not yet (re)conquered such a broader awareness-raising initiative, so we want to be part of spreading the importance of the circular economy in the framework of the project studioKroG, which is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Growing demand around the world is increasing pressure on the environment and increasing competition in the area of access to resources. Natural resources such as metals and minerals, energy, water, and biodiversity are being extracted as if their supply were infinite. In order to limit their consumption in both production and service activities, including in households, it is necessary to focus on sustainable approaches where dependence on the use of natural resources is significantly reduced, i. e. through a circular resource approach in an economical way.


In a circular economy, nothing is waste. The circular economy conserves and restores high value to resources by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, re-designing, remanufacturing or recycling products and materials.



To increase understanding of the circular economy, an investment is being made to use second-hand products and materials in a new "studioKroG" learning demonstration facility in Slovenske Konjice and Rogaška Slatina.

Both locations will be an educational example of demonstrating the circular economy. They will be demonstrating the processes of circular use of resources with reuse, industrial symbiosis, re-design, green solutions for insulation from textiles and other "reuse" materials, heating with local energy sources, and a green roof for wild pollinators. The activities are carried out with the co-financing of the NORWEGIAN FINANCIAL MECHANISM.

image4Design of a modular building "studioKroG" (100 m2) from used shipping containers in Rogaška Slatina (OKP Rogaška Slatina Collection Centre)

image5Info point or office "studioKroG" a little differently (30 m2) - concept in Slovenske Konjice (CPU, Tattenbachova ulica 5d)


Two second-hand shipping containers, which have only been on the sea route once, have already arrived in Slovenske Konjice, and construction work is underway in Rogaška Slatina to install a complex of four containers.

You are welcome to visit both sites to follow the implementation of the re-use preparation procedures for all types of products you use in your daily life.

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The »Studio of Circular Economy« benefits from a EUR 776.975,00 EUR grant from Norway.