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Project title: CreaInnovation - Create sustainable innovation and SMEs using creative methods and processes

Duration: March 2018 - February 2021

Financing: European Territorial Cooperation, Cooperation Program INTERREG MEDITERAN 2014-2020


The goal of the MED CreaInnovation project is to extend and deepen the knowledge and practice of creative methodologies and processes in small and medium-sized enterprises (focusing primarily on sustainable development), as well as in public and academic institutions, by spreading this knowledge, followed by practical experimentation, in solving creative problems and explore potential opportunities for innovation. This approach leads to genuine and feasible ideas for innovation in SMEs, public and academic institutions, building structured processes for new developments that provide tailor made support and innovation. In the local environment, we will set up so-called creative laboratories as a place to create creative ideas and develop tools to promote creative entrepreneurship.

Expected results:

  • Workshops for local SMEs on the development of the creative industry
  • Establishment of a creative laboratory
  • Preparation of manuals for the creation and operation of creative laboratories
  • Conduct a seminar at the national level
  • Conduct a workshop at the European Regional Days in Brussels



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