NAME OF THE PROJECT: Historical CAstle ParkS

DURATION: June 2017 – May 2020

FINANCING: European territorial Cooperation, Programme of cooperation INTERREG V-B, CENTRAL EUROPE 2014–2020



  • Municipality of Velenje (Slovenia) – lead partner
  • Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj (Slovenia)
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture (Slovenia)
  • Villa Ghigi Fondation (Italy)
  • Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (Poland)
  • Association for promotion of informal education, critical thinking and philosophy in practice “Petit Philosophy” (Croatia)
  • City of Varaždin (Croatia)
  • Municipality of Bedekovčina (Croatia)
  • Municipality of Ferrara (Italy)
  • Rzeszow Regional Development Agency joint-stock company (Poland)


The main objective of the HICAPS project is to contribute to the capability strengthening of public and private sector for the use and protection of natural and cultural heritage for sustainable growth of regions in Central Europe, main focus being on historical castle parks and development of strategies and tools that will ensure the public and private sector with necessary skills.

The project is focused on the revitalisation and evaluation of castle parks. The purpose of the project is to revive and raise awareness about the meaning of castle parks and revitalise identified areas.


The main results of the HICAPS project are:

  • Transnational strategy for evaluating cultural heritage and the potentials of historical parks, with emphasis on technical, organizational and financial aspects of managing cultural areas;
  • Tools to support decision-making for self-assessment of local processes about the quality and efficiency in the process of evaluating and for the use of cultural heritage as means of local/regional development

The results also include adoption of local action plans in partner regions on the basis of a developed strategy about cultural heritage and potentials of historical parks for the encouragement of sustainable economic growth and employment. Within the project, trainings will be organised and a transnational handbook will be made about the most appropriate tools for presenting and promoting cultural and natural heritage to people with special needs. Project partners will test all of these results on pilot locations, where we plan the revitalisation of historical castle parks.


In Ptuj, we will include the area of Turnišče park in the pilot activities. We will elaborate a local action plan on the historical, social and economic aspects of park revitalisation in which we will present the measures that are already implemented or will be implemented in the short, medium and long term perspective. We will organise a training for the public sector regarding how to approach improvement of the conditions in the area of historical castle parks. We will gather experiences and suggestions from participants and include them in preparing the guidelines for the renovation.

With the purpose of preserving natural, cultural and historical values of this important natural cultural monument we wish to enrich and preserve the values and contents with the partial renovation of the park so that the offer will be interesting for the visitors of all generations and target groups. Upon renovation we will explore all historical facts and look for new solutions.

The renovation of the park will include construction works for the reconstruction and restoration of the existing environment. We will arrange walking paths with its equipment (lighting of paths, benches for strollers, waste bins, bicycle stands) and plant the missing trees. We will remove the architectural barriers (clean the park) so that the park will be accessible to everyone. Furthermore, we will mark important natural and cultural values with learning descriptions that will ease the knowing of our heritage.

With the park renovation we will improve the accessibility for both the local population and tourists, so that they can enjoy the beauties of Turnišče park, which is protected as a natural value of national importance for zoological and botanical species. With this project we want to offer the inhabitants of Ptuj and its surroundings a restored place to enjoy the nature that will be accessible to everyone.